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Takara Hotel Narrowboat's cruising schedules for holidays on the canals and rivers include some of the best of the 2000 miles of navigable canals in England and Wales. These canals flow through unspoilt countryside and offer a different view of canalside villages, towns and cities.
A relaxing cruise on our fully catered and skippered hotel narrowboat 'TAKARA' is the best way to explore the backwaters of England and Wales while enjoying excellent food and the company of your fellow passengers and experienced crew.

On this holiday you can completely relax watching the countryside pass you by, stroll along the tow-path or help with the locks, the pace is up to you. After all it's your holiday!
Every day afloat brings with it new things to do. This is what makes this holiday so special, you can walk when ever you wish and at your own pace, go and explore a local village, or even try the local ale of a country pub or just sit and watch as the scenery pass you by, or read a book, not forgetting the wild life, you may like to feed the swans and the ducks etc.
Some of our guest do some sketching of ever changing scenery, others take photographs,
but the one thing I will say again is that you can be sure of the waterways you pass through are some of the most beautiful unspoilt countryside you will ever see.
There is never a shortage of things to keep you occupied. No two days alike!.

This holiday is also suitable for people traveling alone

About us

Dean & Chris , Takara
Having spent many years in the catering industry and enjoying holidays on the UK waterways system we decided to combine the two!
Myself Dean and business partner Christopher are the proud owners and operators of Takara .
Our aim is to give You a high standard of service and Quality Food and a great holiday.

Dean and Chris would like to invite you to share in the enjoyment and join us on our narrowboat Takara.